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At Sucxess, we believe in the power of creative engineering. Our experience includes automotive security and autonomous driving solutions.  


We protect our innovations and make it available for purchase or license. Our patents and applications cover areas such as autonomous vehicles, vehicle communication, and IoT applications.


Our data solutions provide businesses with unique intelligence regarding their customers and competitors. If the data is out there, we can find and aggregate it.

IP that matters

Smart Pool Pump


Smart Pool Pump

Circulation pumps are among the biggest electric consumers in homes with inground pools. Newer variable speed models are available, but millions of older pumps are installed. Our solution reduces energy consumption of single speed pumps .

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Cars

Vehicle Retrofit

Building an autonomous vehicle prototype can be very expensive, time consuming, and, if done wrong, dangerous. Our IP provides smart solutions to retrofit existing vehicles and turn them into self driving test systems. Cost effective, elegant, and safe.


Autonomous Cars

Our most recent development provides benefits typically associated with fully autonomous cars - without the cost and complexity. Our solution will provide the benefits of automated vehicles,. without having to make every car autonomous.

Stay tuned.

Home Automation

Too early to talk about.


Engineering Consulting

Whether you need an independent opinion to make an investment decision or a fresh perspective on a problem: If it relates to automotive electronics, we can help. Consulting engagement sometimes last just one hour, or they span several months.

Protecting your IP

We protect our own innovation through our partner:  Smartpat is a boutique patent law firm, specializing on #IPThatMatters. If you have an invention or a novel design that others might want to copy, Smartpat may the the right firm for you, too.

Data Solutions

Our data solutions are custom-made to gather and analyze information that is specific for your business. Our patent prosecution monitoring solution monitors USPTO PAIR data and provides real time updates on patent prosecution history, in some cases before the patent owners knows.


Active Safety

Active Safety

Our experience includes launching lane keeping, automatic emergency braking, and collision warning systems in several production vehicles.

Automotive Cyber Security

Automotive Security

In the late 90s we worked on some of the earliest cryptographic vehicles security systems, protecting vehicles against theft based on challenge-response transponders.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Sucxess started out as a Search Engine Optimization company. Our websites have connected hundreds of buyers with sellers, mostly in form of leads.

Automotive Optics

Automotive Cameras

Automotive cameras have to meet requirements consumer cameras would not withstand. Comtact us if you need help defining requirements or designing a system architecture.

Smart Pool Pump

Smart Pool Pump

Variable speed pool pumps save energy. But by optimizing the run-time of traditional single-speed pumps significant energy savings can also be accomplished. And our technology does exactly that.

Patent Data Analysis

Patent Data Analysis

Sucxess maintains a proprietary database of patents and patent applications. By curating and analyzing the data we derive competitive advantages for law firms and their clients.


Technical Messaging

We have experience in public speaking engagements. And we coach other senior executives how to get their points across most effectively.

Future Innovation

Future Innovation

We keep working to change the future of automobiles. But we can't talk about all of our plans yet.



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